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Flash tutorials are never helpful

2013-02-18 19:06:22 by killa9512

A pretty big statement huh? Well, it's mostly true. Very rarely, I will find a tutorial that genuinely does the job for me. Now, this might just be me, so I definitely want to see what other people think.

The problem with most flash tutorials on YouTube is that they are way too long. They take forever to get to the point of the entire tutorial, and spend way too much time trying to explain every little thing they do as if some retard that has never used flash is watching. Even more advanced things. I thought by looking up more complex things, would force them to skip the basic mumbo jumbo, but they don't. No matter what the person presenting the tutorial has to be extremely long-winded. If you want good tutorials that don't waste your time, find someone that goes straight into the shit, and skips all the bull crap you already know, and even introduction crap. If you can read, i'm sure the title gives as much description as most people would need, if not, the 'description' will most likely do that for you.

I would go as far as saying they are being cryptic. Digressing at, and in between every point they make to something even more boring. I don't want to hear about what you explained in your last video, I don't want to hear how you ctrl-alt-shift-M to fucking smooth something and tell me differences between a PC and a Mac, then explain what it does going back and forth, I especially don't want to hear you advertise yourself "SUBSCRIBE" mid-video. No, I will thumbs down the video, and leave. Tell me the tricks you know, tell me what makes you a good artist, what is YOUR technique. Nobody is going to steal your technique and become famous off of it, if they do, then they most likely didn't need it in the first place. Sure give me a little bit of an intro, but most people are just plain fucking boring, and I hate it.

Keep me interesting by changing up the pace. "Get reminded" of something funny that your friend told you about. Just don't bore the hell out of me in the first minute of it when I have a whole 15 minutes to watch.

A great example of someone who is absolutely TERRIBLE...
00:15 Hi..... today i'm going to tell you how to motion tween.
00:25 uhhhh.... the brush tool, I guess, you can press, uh, b, and uh, that, gets it for you....
01:00 *trying to draw something poorly*
15:00 doesn't get anywhere helpful

Basically someone who is talking slowly in a very monotone voice, stutters, trips, forgets what he/she is doing. Basically have the skills of a public speaker, without the pressure or anything because of the ability to delete and redo.

A good video. I'm not going to sit and explain a good tutorial, so here is an example.
It's not exactly my favorite, and yeah, he get's a little confused sometimes. But the thing about him that makes him different is that he is funny, and interesting. It's just what he's like, I like listening to him. Another person I enjoy listening to is Egoraptor. I could listen to his 20 minute videos about something that would normally be boring as hell. It's not boring. He uses humor to change the pace, he understand what someone with ADHD would go through if it was the same shit throughout.

So what I'm saying is, don't tell me every little step by step detail. If you do that, nobody is going to learn much. Especially me, I consider myself a hands-on learner. The best kind of tutorial for me is someone who just goes through what they do, checklist listing themselves in a way, and narrating what they do. Just like a damn math teacher. If anyone knows any tutorials that are good, and the kind that i'm looking for, please, don't hesitate to copy and paste that shit right there below me. Thanks, stay funny.


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2013-02-18 21:22:07

Kinda tl;dr, but my impression was you don't like long tutorials that say too much. If you already know flash basics you can just look up specific stuff on the internet and get a much easier text/picture tutorial. It depends on what you want to learn.


2013-02-19 14:54:29

You go on Youtube to not find crap??! What world do you live in :P