2013-02-16 23:15:59 by killa9512

Not really I just wanted to get your attention. Also, by disappointing you, that may have been counter-intuitive. Oh well, too fucking bad.

I thought, maybe I'll put a serious title, and whoever may be genuinely interested will check it out, but truth is, I doubt people will understand the full potential of what this is.

What I really wanted to talk about is branding. Almost everyone does it here on Newgrounds, whether you know it or not. No, not branding as in burning a symbol on someone/something. Branding as in a logo, an identity, the thing that makes you, you.

Look at the picture below. If you frequent Newgrounds, you know exactly what it is, and who made it. That is the core of branding. Making something known and universally recognized. Staying consistent is a huge thing as well, Coca-Cola has never changed their logo, Pepsi has changed over 60 times, somewhere in that range. There are companies, that define and make a brand for you. They create charts and graphs and come up with other statistics that you would never even think of like asking someone how the sound of a spray from febreze made them felt. Think about it, the spray of a febreze bottle is very soothing. Like I said, things no person would ever think of on a normal day, unless it was their job. Those jobs which include costing thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. Myspace, which is basically used by no one anymore. Has had it's brand changed quite a few times. Most were awful. Their best sell was to musicians, but now, not even that has a porpoise anymore. Notice my quirkiness? I spelled purpose 'porpoise'. Hah, terrible example but that's a way to get someone to notice something. Deviance. I'm already getting bored of typing because I have mad ADHD right now, so ask me questions and I'll answer.

The video above is wonderfully informative on the power a good brand can do. If your that interested, you will watch it.

There is much much much more that goes into it, and if you have any questions go right ahead and ask me.



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