I thought I might make a new news post

2013-02-16 02:17:00 by killa9512

This whole news/blog posting thing is porpoi-perpo-parp-po-preposterous! I mean, unless you're very popular, nothing will be taken full notice of! Like if I wanted to talk about my twitter and how awesome and funny I am, no one would be able to appreciate it!

That's all.


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2013-02-16 03:36:54

If it makes you feel any better, I noticed.

killa9512 responds:


Nice profile picture


2013-02-16 09:24:55

I'm glad you didn't post about your Twitter. :P

That's all.

(Updated ) killa9512 responds:

I don't like your tone. There is nothing wrong with my twitter, I'm fucking hilarious. And sexy.


2013-02-16 23:53:41

Except that it's everywhere, everybody advertising theirs at the end of their posts or submissions or websites or blogs or anything. It's driving me... tired of Twitter. :P

killa9512 responds:

Well, you might as well go all out, or not do it at all. If you do something half-ass, I think you might as well not even do it at all. Promote the shit out of yourself.